2020 NACUSO CUSO of the Year Awards

NACUSO understands the importance collaboration and innovation play in building a strong and vibrant credit union industry. The CUSO model brings together a unique combination of leaders with a cooperative heart combined with business acumen that is unparalleled. We recognize those leaders annually at our conference to inspire others to continue to make certain our future is secure. 

Has your CUSO? 

  • Added value to members? 

  • Created an innovative solution to a problem?

  • Reduced operational costs and/or increased income? 

If so, you need to nominate your CUSO (or a CUSO you use and/or invest in) for the 2020 CUSO of the Year Award. If your CUSO has been in existence less than 5 years, nominate them for the New CUSO of the Year Award.

Our nomination process is super simple.  Nominate the CUSO by letting us know the CUSO name and contact information (only one nomination is needed per CUSO).  We will contact the CUSO after February 15th to schedule a 30 minute interview with our Judges. Deadline for submission is February 14, 2020.

Past winners include: 

Member Access Processing



The Servion Group

CU Direct

The 2019 CUSO of the Year Winner: MAP

Jay Johnson, Steve McIntire, SELCO Community CU, Cyndie Martini, CEO of MAP, Aaron Palmer, TwinStar Credit Union, Jack Antonini

Past winners: 

CU Revest


Constellation Digital Partners

The 2019 New CUSO of the Year Winner Constellation:

Jay Johnson, Kris Kovacs, CEO of Constellation, Jack Antonini

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