Breakout Sessions

NACUSO breakouts focus on the most relevant topics with industry experts coming together to address important, timely issues and opportunities for Credit Union & CUSO CEOs, Staff, and Boards of Directors. Please check back soon as additional breakouts will be added with their scheduled session times.


Big Data/Data Analytics Track


  • Data-Driven Growth Strategies: Acquire new members, retain existing members, and mitigate risk

  • Leveraging Public Data Sources for Credit Union Growth: How credit unions can access public data, like census information, to apply that to their predictive models

  • Using Data to Build a Personalized Marketing Strategy


CEO/Business Development/Entrepreneur Track


  • The Pandemic: What We’ve Learned, What Will Stay and What Will Fade Away

  • The Path to Faster Payments: What Credit Unions Need to Know

  • The Sale/Leaseback Network: Growing Capital and Revenue through Collaboration

  • Beyond the Standalone Credit Union: New CUSO Models for Growth and Innovation

  • Millennials, Gen Z – The Need To Compete for Market Share

CUSO Challenge Track


  • How CUSOs Can Support De Novo & Struggling Credit Unions Panel Discussion

  • Credit Union Insurance & How CUSOs Can Create Options for Credit Unions

  • Think Tanks: Why the Credit Union Industry Needs More of Them

FinTech/Innovation/Operations/Technology Track

  • DeFi: What Role will Credit Unions Play in this Digital World?  

  • Shake, Rattle and Roll...Selecting and Managing your FinTech Vendors

  • CUSO Case Study: Win-Win-Win: How FinTech CUSOs help the credit unions that invest in them, the companies that are the CUSO, and the credit union movement as a whole.

  • State of FinTechs and Credit Unions: Cutting Edge FinTechs, Partnership Strategies, and the Future of Credit Unions and CUSOs

  • The Future is Here: How FinTechs and Financial Institutions Are Converging to Re-Shape Financial Services  

  • Risk and Rewards of Forming and/or Using a CUSO to Invest in FinTechs


Insurance Services and Investment Services Track


  • COVID Business Challenges: What we faced and learned

  • Insurance Technology Integration: Updates on where the technology is today

  • Advice and Relationship Management Over Return: Focus on planning platforms and CRM/Relationship touching technology to accomplish

  • Are You Serving Your Member’s Needs? Wallet share relationship of Investments/deposits. The largest wallet share of your average member is in the investment markets. Best practices of incorporating investments as a core service offering to your members


Lending Services Track (MBL/Mortgage Services)


  • Technology Trends and Outlook in Business Lending: A combination roundtable discussion among CUSOs and CUs, with participation by technology developers who can comment on what the industry outlook is

  • Commercial Lending Session/Roundtable: Open dialogue among CUSOs and commercial lending CUs

  • How Technology Can Evolve Your Mortgage Business: A discussion about how technology can benefit your mortgage business and your credit union partners

  • Mortgage CUSO Evolution: So you’ve established your mortgage CUSO, but what’s next? A panel discussion focused on how to evolve and grow your mortgage CUSO


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